Collaborators - Coop @4 [1.1.0]

Demo Mission to showcase BAS f mission framework,
as well as my Anti Team-Kill, and the Urban Patrol Script.


Rahmadi is being raided by several guerilla squads, some of which are lead by collaborators from the local population.

You are part of a 4-man insurgency team, and have just entered the town undercover, waiting for your opportunity to take out those squads.
As long as you stay unarmed nobody will suspect you. So use that to your advantage, when staking out the situation.
You do have some handguns in your car, but once you have been spotted with a weapon your cover will be blown, and the enemy troops will from thereon shoot without warning, whether you are armed or not.

There are about 3 small squads patrolling the town, with a stronger patrol, consisting of light armor and two vehicles carrying further troops just about to leave for a shoreline patrol.
This is your chance to strike!
Be quick, be stealthy, and most importantly, watch your fire!
Since you are fighting on behalf of the civilian population it is absolutely crucial NOT to have any civilian casualties!

Technical Background

This mission was set up to demonstrate the features and methodologies of the two implemented scripts.
The features used in particular are:

Urban Patrol Script (UPS)
  1. Positions enemy units and civilians at random start locations in town
  2. One enemy unit will always start on a rooftop
  3. Random patrol movement within the city
  4. Dynamic patrol areas (Waypoint-like behaviour) for island patrol of vehicles

Anti Team-Kill Script
  1. Team-members and civilians are protected
  2. Punishment is done via reciprocal damage (i.e. the shooter will receive the same kind of injury as the victim)
  3. A message will inform the shooter that he has violated the ROE
  4. A gun "blow-back" explosion will be simulated, to be the cause of the self-injury
The mission has respawn enabled, and supports JIP.

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