Trials Track Unlocker

Download Link: 1.1.0

Unlocks tracks in RedLynx's trials games, so they can be opened in the editor.

  • Learn editing from the best:
    Open official game tracks in the editor, to see how advanced editing techniques were implemented.
  • Customize it to your needs/wants:
    Like a track, except for a specific obstacle? Want to play a nighttime track in the daylight? Use a different vehicle on the track than the ones allowed? Tweak any track to your heart's content.
  • Practice more efficiently:
    Having issues with only a particular part of a track? Need more checkpoints? Run it in the editor, and add as many checkpoints as you like, or jump back and forth between them, to fine-tune your approach to a troublesome section.
  • X-Supercross tracks for local MP games:
    Open X-Supercross tracks in the editor, and convert them into regular Supercross, so that they can be used in local MP games.
  • Find shortcuts & cheats:
    Some tracks may have shortcuts or cheats implemented (normally activated via secret button combinations), to skip sections, or the whole track. Find these by examining the track in the editor.
The utility will convert any Evolution, Fusion & Rising track from Track Central.
As far as the career tracks are concerned, most of the Evolution & Fusion tracks can be unlocked, but there is currently a small number of tracks do not convert properly. A list of all that work, and those that don't, is available here. I am still working on troubleshooting those that have issues, but this is the status as it is now.
Career tracks for Rising currently only work for the closed Beta (which came out in September '18). The official release files of Rising can currently not be unlocked. (If you don't own a copy of the closed Beta, ask around... All you need are two .PAK files: data_loc.pak & data.pak)

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