NPC Modified Cars in GTA5

GTA5 contains many already modified cars that roam the map.
These modifications may range from simple (but unique) paint jobs, to total overhauls, with roll cages, modified suspensions, etc.
Most of those vehicles can be stolen by the player, and either kept as a personal vehicle or sold. (On this page only vehicles that CAN be kept are listed.)

Unlike regular cars these modified vehicles will only spawn at certain locations, during certain hours, and often only if approached with the right kind of vehicle. (Check the wiki article on "Vehicle Scenarios" for some background information.)
The spawn locations are defined by groups (see here for a complete list). For a given location, one vehicle out of that list may (or may not) spawn during the specified times (e.g. a group of gang cars may contain Buccaneers, Tornadoes, Mananas & Peyotes, and only spawn in the gang-controlled territory during night hours.)
A map with all spawn locations for the different groups is available here.
(Spawn definitions for single-player are a bit different, and are shown on this map.)

When hunting rare cars, a lot of patience and perseverance is required (as well as significant luck).
One may have the pass the spawn location several times, and, if that doesn't yield any results, a new session or game restart may be required.
It also often matters which vehicle the spawn point is approached in. Sometimes it helps to already drive the most expensive vehicle of the spawn list, or the same model of the one that should be spawned (even if it's the unmodified stock version).
Sometimes it helps to run a time-locked mission, sometimes it's better to be in freemode...

There are many tricks and methods to go about the rare car hunt, and Youtube is full of suggestions (the car listings below also already contain some links).
There is also a "mega thread" for modified vehicles active on (Because the thread is so "mega" some browsers have a hard time displaying the first page -which contains dozens of embedded videos- so here is a link to the second page.)

To see the specs and modifications for these unique cars, click on the images below:










Sabre Turbo

Sandking XL

Sentinel XS



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