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Application: ArmA3 ArmA2
Download link: Version 3.0.0 Beta
Last Update: Changed: Too much to list
Version 2.0.1
Last Update: Changed: New quick-access action buttons
Added: Disable zone restrictions
Added: Allow reinforcement drops
Added: Heal group members
Added: Allow use of enemy uniforms
Added: Allow use of enemy equipment
Added: Adjust AI skills
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The Support Call addon allows you to modify the way any SP/MP mission (or campaign) is played.
It gives you back the freedom to play a mission the way you want to play it.

  • See a vehicle that would be useful, but is locked for some reason?
    Unlock it.
  • Are you sent on a mission with inadequate equipment?
    Have your favorite rifle air-dropped.
  • Are there magical bombs that drop on you whenever you step into some "forbidden" zone?
    Remove those magical walls.
  • Are you being rushed with some tight time limits, when you would like to stroll around a bit?
    Reset the clock, and take your time.
  • Would you prefer to scout out an area via a UAV before going in?
    Launch one.
  • Would you rather play a night mission during the day, or a day mission during the night?
    Adjust the time.

The module also helps you to overcome some problems caused by buggy scripting or engine issues, like being stuck in the terrain, uprighting vehicles, forcing team-members to actually stay where you want them, etc.

Here's the full list of features available in any mission (or campaign, or editor), once the module is installed:
(Overall, you have over 60 functions, to help you customize the mission!)

  • Spawn vehicles, weapons, magazines:

    • Any equipment available to your side can be air-dropped. (video)
    • Drops can be done at your location, or at any place you specify.
    • Special equipment added by expansions or mods is available as well.
    • NEW: When respawning in MP, you can get your old equipment back.
    • NEW: Basic equipment (binoculars, NVGs & GPS) can be equipped immediately (without waiting for an air-drop).
  • Switch Uniform:

    • Change to a different unit type (either keeping the current equipment, or using the new type's default loadout).
    • Switch to an enemy uniform for "undercover" missions.
  • Manage Units:

    • Player or team members can be healed, independently from the player's equipment.
    • Player's group members can be totally immobilized, keeping them from moving or firing.
    • Player can leave (and re-join) his current group, or become its leader.
    • Recruit any soldiers present in the mission, to join your own group.
    • Vehicles for AI group members can be locked/unlocked.
    • AI units stuck on obstacles can be freed.
    • AI radio communications can be disabled.
    • If alone on the map, an additional group member can be requested.
    • Team-switch can be enabled.
    • NEW: Empty AI slots in MP games can be filled.
    • NEW: Downed teammates can be revived.
    • NEW: Mark group member positions on the map (temporarily).
    • NEW: Option to silently take down OPFORs if you are close enough.
    • NEW: Team member skills can be adjusted (spotting/aiming/aggression/cooperation).
    • NEW: Player's skills can be adjusted (stamina, visibility, weapon sway & recoil).
    • NEW: AI can be ordered to acquire supplies at a specified source.
    • NEW: Supply group members with the same equipment as the player.
  • Request Intel:

    • Receive information about the nearest OPFOR location and/or overall troop strengths.
    • NEW: Mark areas with heavy OPFOR presence on the map.
    • NEW: Identify friendly or enemy forces via 3D markers (temporarily).
    • NEW: Display a compass HUD that indicates nearby, or detected OPFORs, as well as incoming shots.
    • NEW: Specific AI skills can be adjusted (spotting/aiming/aggression/cooperation).
    • NEW: Launch any UAV types that exist for your side. (video)
  • Interact with Objects or the Environment:

    • If you or your vehicle are stuck in the terrain, you can be extracted. (video)
    • Any vehicle in the mission can be unlocked, even the one the player might be locked into.
    • Vehicles that have flipped over can be put back on their wheels. (video)
    • Totally destroyed vehicles can be recovered.
    • Mission time can be forwarded up to 12 hours.
    • Weather settings can be set independently for overcast, fog, wind and rain.
    • Restricted zones (that kill the player upon entering) can be disabled.
    • NEW: Move small items (e.g. furniture or vegetation) out of the way. (video)
    • NEW: Climb buildings & objects. (video)
    • NEW: Lock and unlock doors and gates.
    • NEW: Combine multiple semi-empty magazines into full ones. (video)
    • NEW: Order nearby civilians out of the way.
    • NEW: Transfer cargo between supply/ammo boxes and vehicles.
  • System Settings:

    • Restricted zones (that kill the player upon entering/leaving) can be disabled. (video)
    • Post-processing effects (e.g. blurriness, color filters) can be disabled.
    • Mission can be ended (and marked successful) at any point. This will allow continuing on to the next campaign mission, and will keep its successful status upon restarts.
    • Allows you to play for as long as you want, even if the mission has a deadline.
    • Create a game restore point at any time during the mission.
    • Enables the debug console.
    • NEW: Dark map overlays can be disabled.
    • NEW: Ambient gun sounds can be disabled.
    • NEW: Disable simulation of distant units. (video)
    • NEW: The current task can be marked as completed.
    • NEW: Multi-player respawn delays can be overridden.
    • NEW: Multi-player missions can be "paused" (i.e. no AI movement). (video)

More screenshots, videos, and full mod configuration to follow...

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