Mini Trainer for Six Days in Fallujah

Download Link: 1.2.1
Last Update:
1.2.1Simplified Cheat Engine process.
1.2.0Added option to pause game.
1.1.0Added option to disable timer.

No matter how carefully you play, if you're going in solo you will most likely
not be able to finish any mission as you will run out of ammo very quickly.
And, with the tight time limits, running back and forth to the support vehicle
to load up is not really an option.
So I created a "mini trainer" that lets you have unlimited ammo & bandages,
as well as the ability to disable countdown timers and to pause the game altogether.

Considering that normally you have four guys shooting, plus, during the real battle,
there was lots of fire support from the air, from artillery and from accompanying tanks,
flattening the surrounding areas before going in is perhaps not that far from reality after all.

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