Anti Team-Kill Script

Application: VBS2 ArmA VBS1 OFP
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Immediately punishes the shooter in friendly-fire incidents.

Whenever a player kills or injures another team-member, he will receive the same level of injury as the victim.
(e.g. If the victim is only injured, the shooter will incur an injury. If the victim is killed, the shooter will die as well)

An explosion of the shooter's weapons is simulated to make the effect seem somewhat realistic.

The effect works with team-kills caused by guns, grenades and satchels.
It does not work if victim is run over with a vehicle.

An option exists to apply the same kind of punishment to incidents with civilians.

This script can be used to keep deliberate team-killers off a server,
as well as an "educational" tool to teach newcomers that target identification is crucial.

It can also be used to add a further challenge to custom missions: By penalizing civilian casualties it will make any "spray and pray" method of dealing with enemies useless.
Players will have to have a clear identification of the target before they can start firing, or else risking being penalized immediately.

After the first shot the victim is only injured, so the shooter too, only receives an injury.
When the shooter does finally kill the victim though, he too dies.

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