Crucial Evidence - Single Player

Application: VBS2
Download Link: [1.0.1]
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Your task is to rescue a reporter trapped in Paraiso, which has just been overrun by rebel forces. He caught valuable footage of their massacre on his camera, and it is of utmost importance to get him and the camera back.
Rebel forces are patrolling all of the town, with some technicals & armored support. The reporter will be able to hide for a while, but if he's spotted he will most likely be killed, in order to get his camera. In this case you will have to track down the killer.

You can choose the time of the day to engage in this mission, and either go the quick and stealthy route, by either going in by yourself or with a small team, or try to overpower the rebels by using the support of about 15 friendly units.

The mission is fairly brief (if will take you anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes), but since nearly everything is randomized (the reporter's location, the enemy strength and movements, and even the supporting troops' movements), and you have optional time, team & weapons choices, it should have a fairly high replay value.

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