Convoy Ambush Revisited

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Convoy Ambush [2.0.0]

This is a heavily modified version of the original ArmA Mission "Convoy Ambush".


You and your mate are a Special Forces team, assigned to ambush a convoy of miners and their equipment.

You're equipped with a pickup that's loaded up with mines, satchel packs, and RPG ammunition.
So, pick your strategy, and go for it!
You can attack the convoy on their way to the base, or, if you don't succeed in destroying it en-route, you can follow them to their destination, and finish them off there.

An enemy support post on the way can be used to stack up on weapons, and to use their field hospital.

Changes to the original

Since the original mission was probably a bit overwhelming, especially for newcomers, here is a list of changes that were done to it:
  1. There is now more time available to prepare for the initial ambush.
  2. The convoy's position is marked, via a dynamic marker, on the map.
  3. If the convoy is attacked, it will not stop, but speed away towards the base.
  4. The first town now has a little camp, with a field hospital, a weapons cache, and the UAZ, which stays there, rather than patrolling the road.
  5. There are now two guard posts at the bridge, along with another small weapons stash.
  6. The tanks at the base will be parked unmanned. The crew, as well as another small group will patrol the island. If the player is spotted the crew of one tank will re-mount it.
  7. If the convoy reaches the base all units will unmount their vehicles. If the player is spotted, they will re-mount and defend the premises.
  8. There are now rafts available at the bridge (to sneak up to the base) and at the base (to get back to the extraction point).
  9. All enemy controlled areas are marked on the map.
  10. Enemy units will not use secret triggers of otherwise unrealistic information to find out about the player's position.
  11. The only way to lose the mission is by dying.

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