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Evolution - Single Player [1.0]


This mission is a single-player conversion of the MP-version created by KilJoy.
The main priority has been to retain the feel and functionality of the online gameplay, with the only changes implemented to compensate for the lack of other players, or to overcome technical differences in the way ArmA handles MP and SP missions.

The changes in detail are as follows:



You can fulfill these objectives in any order you wish.
Once all cities are cleared, and at least 10 side missions have been completed, the mission will be finished.


Once you reach specific points you will be promoted to a new rank.
These ranks will give you different capabilities, like the kind of vehicles you can operate, the kind of weapons you will find in the ammo boxes, and the number and type of teammembers you can recruit.
If you lose points due to friendly fatalities it might happen that you are demoted.

PRIVATE0MP5A5, M16A2, M16A4, M136HMMWV, Truck5t0
CORPORAL5,000M16A2 GL, M16A4 ACG, M4, M240HMMWV50, Truck5tMG2
SERGEANT25,000M9, M16A4 ACG GL, M4AIM, M4A1, M24MH6, HMMWVTOW, ~MK, Stryker ICV M24
LIEUTENANT50,000MP5 SD, M9 SD, M4 GL, M4A1 GL, M249Stryker ICV MK19, M113, UH60MG6
CAPTAIN75,000M4A1 SD, M4SPRVulcan , UH60 (FFAR)8
MAJOR100,000G36K, G36C, G36AAH6, AV8B2, Stryker TOW10
COLONEL150,000JAVELIN, M107AV8B, M1Abrams, AH1Z, A-1012


You will receive the following points for different tasks completed:
City cleared5,000
Radio Tower destroyed2,000
Main officer detained2,000
Capturing a soldier POW500
Capturing an officer POW1500
Side missionbetween 1,000 and 3,000 points
Killing an enemy soldier200
Killing an enemy Especas or sniper500
Killing an enemy officer or squad leader1,000
Killing a soldier POW1,000
Killing an officer POW2,000
Destroying an enemy vehiclebetween 200 and 1,000 points
You can also lose points by incurring losses on your own side:
Death of a teammate-500
Killing a teammate-1400
Destroying a Western vehiclebetween -1,400 and -7,000 points
See this list for detailed scores for enemy and team-kills.


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