Idaho/Oregon airstrips for FS2020

Download Link: 3.3.0
Last Update:
3.3.0Repacked for Update
3.2.0Major overhaul of Mile Hi & Dewey Moore
3.1.0Minor tweaks to 85U, DOV & WHWR
3.0.0Added five more locations
Discussion Thread: reddit

Added airstrips for bush flying, in Idaho & Oregon:

Cache Creek (OR62)


Dewey Moore (DEW)


Dixie Town (NA2)


Dovel (DOV)


Marble Creek (ID8)


Mile Hi (K10)


North Star Ranch (NSTR)


Pittsburg (PIT)


Salmon Bar (SAL)


Selway Lodge (SELW)


Seminole Ranch (SRAN)


Shepp Ranch (SHEP)


Simonds (NA9)


Soldier Bar (85U)


Wapshilla (ID50)


Whitewater Ranch (WHWR)


The package also contains a flight plan, which visits all of the above airfields:

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