Enhanced Garmin 500W GPS Unit (500WX)

Download Link: 1.3.1
Added version that starts in full-screen mode
Compatibility fix for FS Panel Studio

Reworked version of original FSX Garmin 500W unit,
containing the following improvements:

Full-screen mode
The unit can be toggled between the regular panel display, and a
"full-screen" mode that only displays the map and some soft-keys at the bottom.
Regular panel modeFull-Screen mode
While this mode may not seem very realistic, neither is the fact that on most FS systems
the in-panel GPS is only an inch high or so. In order to compensate for that, this mode has
been created, to be able to place the unit in the panel, but still have it be useful.

Relative terrain elevation
Terrain can be displayed in "alert mode", to indicate terrain elevations
relative to the plane's altitude.
Terrain at 10,000ftTerrain at 11,000ft
Area in Sectional ChartArea in original Garmin unit
While the GPS unit in FSX doesn't have the same vertical resolution as the real thing, due
to the fact that it can interpolate between yellow and red, its functionality comes pretty close.

Toggle side bar
The side bar, displaying different target and vehicle data
can be toggled on and off (in either panel or full-screen mode).
Overlays visibleOverlays hidden

Map panning
While being stationary on the ground, the map can be panned in any direction.
Original positionPanned to the upper right

Adjusted colors
Text, icon & terrain colors have been adjusted, to be closer to the original.
Old colorsNew colors

Additional flight info
� "ETA": Estimated arrival for either next waypoint or final destination
In full-screen mode the following additional info fields are available:
� "AGL": Altitude above ground
� "ENDUR": Range info based on the remaining fuel and fuel flow, given in either hours or miles
� "WIND": Wind speed and direction
These data fields would either be available on AUX pages or via user-definable fields in the real device.

Unit-independent settings
Multiple units can be opened at the same time, displaying different information.

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