Trainer for SP-EFT

Download Link: 1.4.6
Last Update:
1.4.6Added font size option for HUD & Exfils, removed build (too instable for now)
1.4.5Update for
1.4.4Update for, improved night vision
1.4.3Update for & 15426
1.4.2Quest items will now be indicated, even if below value threshold
Update for
1.4.1Added boss indicators
1.4.0Search item can be defined via the wish list
Update for
1.3.1Added option to select compass mode
1.3.0Added option to search for items
Improved side detection in PlayerPing

Trainer for the SP version of Escape from Tarkov.

This trainer is not meant as a cheat tool, which takes away any and every challenge,
but rather as a subtle assistant, which helps flattening the learning curve when familiarizing
yourself with the game.

The "philosophy" behind this trainer is that many of the challenges that new players face
are actually absent for experienced players and not just because they have become "better"...
Once you've played for a while, you will have all the keys, know all the exits, loot and NPC locations,
and, despite these challenges being gone, it's still a fun game.
This trainer is trying to make a new player enjoy the game similar to how a more experienced one would,
but eliminating some of the more grindy parts.
As far as NPC indicators are concerned - I find that, if you have no enemy Intel whatsoever,
you can only play the game as a twitch shooter: Run around as quickly as you can, and hope that
you will be the faster shot if you run into an enemy... (Not my kind of fun.)
But, once you have at least some vague idea of where enemies are, you can then try to sneak around
them, or up to them, and, generally have a plan. (Much more interesting, at least to me.)
So that's why I implemented those indicator bars that simulate somewhat what you might sense
via very sensitive hearing.

The trainer has the following features: