Please DO NOT MIRROR any content from this site.

The files here are very small, so there are no bandwidth issues to worry about.
But since most everything here is updated and improved on a constant basis (sometimes several times a week), users will invariably end up with outdated content if you are mirroring it.

I quite often get requests for features that have been added a long time ago, but users weren't aware of them, since they were using an outdated version that was downloaded from a mirror site.
They will also miss any bug-fixes or compatibility updates if they are downloading from mirror sites.

I appreciate your contributions to the community, and the fact that you are spreading the word about new content for ArmA, but having outdated versions is in nobody's interest.

Feel free to copy any descriptions or images from this site, and it's perfectly ok to deep-link to the relevant files. But please do not mirror the actual addons.

Thank you for your understanding!

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please email me: .